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Culture Of Rajasthan

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Cultural Study tour of Rajasthan

“Connecting Culture ….Connecting people “

( folk art and culture workshop through a study tour of Rajasthan India)

Very rarely one finds a land of sharp contrasts. The northern Indian state of Rajasthan is one such place where majestic forts and palaces dot the landscape and at the same time vast expanse of barren and inhospitable Thar Desert stares you in the face. However, what makes this state unique is its people and their vibrant culture. If the majestic forts and palaces tell tales about its glorious past, the Thar Desert is testament of human spirit and endurance that manifests itself in festivals and carnivals celebrating the essence of life. Travel through Rajasthan can be an enriching experience as its every nook and corner tells story of how human spirit is alive in adversity

Yusuf Khurram, a post graduate of National school of Drama, New Delhi (a renowned drama school of Asia) and folk theatre educator, independent documentary film maker and cultural anthropologist offers one-week cultural study workshop based on his research project on folk art and culture of Rajasthan.


Begin a folk theatre educator I have design this workshop to introduce my students through different itineraries specially designed by me to introduce the authentic folk culture, rituals and traditions of different tribes like Meenas, Meos, Benjaras, Gadhilohars, Rahbaris, Langha, Manganiyars, Dholis, Bhils, Grasias, Sahariyas, Kanjars, Bhaat, Mirasis, Nats and Kalbeliya Gypsy of Rajasthan-India e Meenas,Meos,Benjaras,Gadhilohars,Rahbaris,Langha,Manganiyars, Dholis, Bhils, Grasias, Sahariyas, Kanjars, Bhaat, Mirasis, Nats and Kalbeliya, gypsies of Rajasthan. Beside we will also introduce some other communities like Royal Rajputs, the only Nawab state of Tonk and the Bishoni community of Thar desert famous for its eco-friendly ideology.


This is a unique concept of a workshop through travel with a folk theatre educator that gives you an opportunity to study authentic folk art, culture, craft, music, dance and cuisine of Rajasthan.

Sample itinerary-

We may start our workshop from Jaipur, the world renowned Pink city, and will introduce the old city from architectural point of view beside we will also introduce to some authentic craft like famous block printing , handmade paper, blue portray, puppet and kite making etc.

During the workshop we will travel to some other parts of Rajasthan also and introduce some other art and craft of different communities and tribes of Rajasthan that are as follow: The craft of namda making, Namda is a local term used for felted wool floor coverings and know what does viagra do. It is a traditional floor covering, made out of coarse variety of wool. Rich hues and exquisite designing are the hallmarks of the handcrafted Namda, It is known to have come from distant land of Iran and Laddakh. Rajasthan (Tonk) has served as a prominent market for namda decoration and work in the past.

"The Bundi School" is an important school of the Rajasthani style of Indian miniature painting that lasted from the 17th to the end of the 19th century in this princely state.

“Fatehpur Shekhawati” to study haveli culture, Pushkar, Jodhpur and some small villages of Thar desert.

“The Kalbeliya, gypsies of Thar Desert (Kalbliya tribe is recently got reorganization at UNSCO as world cultural heritage)

Duration of workshop: minimum one week

Age: Individual /Group/ School students

(For school children’s it is must to escort by school staff)



Skype: yusuf.khurram