Folk Culture Tour

Do you want to dance with the gypsies, witness the beauties of the Thar Desert and support the community by doing so? Experience the forgotten culture of the gypsy nomads of Rajasthan!

Gypsy Nomads Travel provides a social cultural exchange, where travellers and researchers can experience and support the gypsy nomad community of Rajasthan. 

The tour, which follows various gypsy tribes, is dedicated to both development of their community and valuing the forgotten traditions of the gypsies.

What do we offer?

  • A guided tour to different villages in Rajasthan, introducing the authentic gypsy nomad style of life. As an expert in gypsy street performance, and having travelled with various folks while making a series about their art, I can tell you all about their ways and be your translator. 
  • Accommodation in beautiful heritage hotels and/or comfortable Rajasthani homestays, thereby supporting the local families. 
  • Transport through the Thar desert and other parts of Rajasthan
  • An itinerary based on your request and budget. 
  • The possibility to really connect with and learn from grassroots nomad people and share your knowledge.

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