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Culture Of Rajasthan

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Langha & Manganiyar Music Group

(Rhythm Of Desert)

A collective of members from Manganiyar and Langa communities, known for their musical ballads, the group has performed across the globe and will mesmerise , The group brings instruments like Morchang and Khartal (used mostly by Manganiyars), and Sarangi

Desert symphony

(Jugal bandi of some traditional desert music instruments)


Khadtaal ( two wooden pieces held in each palm, that's all)

Algoza(dubble flute)

Kamaicha(String instrument)

Sapera pungi

Rajasthani Songs & sufi songs

Ttraditional Langa & mangniyar singers will sing some famous Rajasthani and sufi songs, like Neembudo,Lahario etc .Also they will Hindi films songs and qwallis on public demand 2_photoslide/images/thumbm/22403613.jpg