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Desert Arts India


"Desert Arts", which specializes in promoting folk and other art forms of the northern Indian state of Rajasthan.
Desert arts have  more then 500 Rajasthani folk artist’s from different arts field like music, dance, craft ect. which Mr.Yusuf khurram discovered during his research on Folk art & Culture of Rajasthan for Ministry Of Culture Govt Of India.

Mr.Yusuf Khurram, creative Director of desert arts likes to share his research work and knowledge of this magical, lively and unique culture with rest of the world.
He is a former graduate of National school of Drama, New Delhi, India. A renowned Drama School in Asia. He has also done two prestigious fellowships with govt.of India on Folk Theatre of Rajasthan, India

Beside this, through his programme Lok Yatra [A musical travelogue] executed for ETV Rajasthan has done a pioneering work to unearth the hidden and lesser-known folk art traditions of Rajasthan, in India.

Yusuf,  has traveled extensively to the remotest corners of rural Rajasthan to discover rich folk art traditions and artists, who have kept this cultural heritage alive.

Yusuf has recorded more than 1,000 different folk songs dealing with different rituals and traditions of tribes like Meenas, Meos, Benjaras, Gadilohars, Bhills, Grasias, Sahariyas, Rabaris, Langas, Manganiyars, and Dholis.


Yusuf also conducts a unique package of personalized travel tours, which is an out of the world experience of the hidden and raw heritage of Rajasthan.

If you want to utilize the experience & network of Mr.Yusuf khurram for any of the following then contact us OR just to find out information on your destination.

Desert Arts India organizes & manages the production of  Rajasthan folk art based event, cultural show, entertainment show, craft exhibition, seminar, event, workshop, conference, fair, films and other related activates at national & international level.