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Folk Art Research

Desert Art’s  also organize Workshop to teach different form of folk art’s, in a unique method-that is if some one want to learn a particular art from a folk artist, then you have to stay with that artist in his or her village, so one can understand the tradition & art in a close manner. In addition desert art’s  is also doing research on Rajasthan costumes, languages, paintings, architect, handicraft, different rituals of rural tribes!


Desert Music Workshop




Have  fun with some traditional Rajasthani musical instruments.

Participate in Rajasthani folk music workshop. learn to play Khartal, an ancient instrument mainly used in devotional songs. Or Morchang, castanets and mouth-harp, the favorite instrument of the Langa community of Rajasthan

Gypsy Dance Workshop




(Gypsy dance taught by  traditional Kalbelia women).

The Kalbeliya Gypsy people are known as the snake charmer caste,the women are skilled dancers

This the dance featured in the movie - Latcho Drom